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The old Hotel Stanton in Arizona -- in Yavapai County, and used now as an RV park. A few of the town's original buildings have been restored, including the hotel, which used to serve as a stage station.

More Liz Fraboni photos ....

WATKINS GLEN, June 12, 2018 -- Back at the editor's request are more photos by Liz Fraboni of Watkins Glen -- whose work we carried here many, many times a few years ago.

These are scenes Liz captured through her lens while visiting relatives recently in Arizona -- a dry desert area featuring cactus and barbed wire and structures reminisent of a bygone age, as well as the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and other vistas.

One place she visited was a former mining town called Stanton that over the years was abandoned, then occupied by hippies, and then -- in the 1970s -- was acquired by a mining association and turned into a members-only recreational vehicle park, open six months a year. The association restored several of the town's buildings.

These photos -- the 52nd group by Fraboni featured on these pages over the years -- are hopefully just a precursor of more groups to follow.

Left: Two lonely flowers in an arid landscape. Right: A useful tool.

Cacti and boulders rule this landscape.

Left: A cactus closeup. Right: A parched sentinel.

Left: Barbed wire, a common sight. Right: Beauty among the thorns.

Reaching skyward.

An Opera House from the 19th century.

An Arizona vista.


And from other vistas, including the Grand Canyon, came the following from Liz:



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