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Amended compact between Odessa and Watkins Glen

WATKINS GLEN, Feb. 9 -- The Watkins Glen School Board Monday night approved the planned consolidation of the football program in its district with that in the Odessa-Montour school district. The draft "compact" between the two districts follows in its amended form -- with changes instituted as a result of a Jan. 26 joint meeting of the two boards.


The Boards of Education of the Watkins Glen Central School District (hereinafter Watkins). and the Odessa-Montour Central School District (hereinafter Odessa), in order to discharge the duties and obligations imposed upon each of them by the statutes and regulations of the State of New York, and after adopting resolutions authorizing the same, do hereby agree in accordance with General Municipal Law Section 119-o as follows:

Purpose: Watkins and Odessa shall operate joint football teams. The parties agree that the sharing of services concerning the interscholastic athletic program is in the best interests of the taxpayers and the best interest of each school district’s students.

Steering Committee: A steering committee shall be responsible for the management of the joint football teams. The committee shall decide issues arising from game and practice schedules, team and player transportation and the like. The steering committee shall be composed of each district’s Superintendent of Schools, one administrator and one coach from each district. The administrator and coach shall be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools of the District by which they are employed. The committee shall meet as often as necessary to accomplish its goals, but no less than four times each academic year.

Selection and Employment of Coaches: The steering committee shall recommend qualified coaches to the Watkins Superintendent who shall make a recommendation to the Watkins Glen Central School District Board of Education for appointment. Watkins Glen Central School District shall be the employer of the coaches in the joint football teams. Odessa shall consult with Watkins concerning the hiring, discipline or discharge of any coach in the joint football program. Final personnel decisions shall be made by the Watkins Glen Central School District Board of Education.

Athletic Code of Conduct: Each District’s Code of Conduct applies to that student’s eligibility to participate in football.

Budget: Shall be determined annually by the Watkins Glen Central School District Board of Education after consultation with the Steering Committee.

Additional Revenues/Costs: The District which hosts a football event retains the gate and concession money from the event, but is responsible for the costs of the event relative to ticket takers, chaperones and other paid adult staff, excluding officials, section and league fees.

Booster Clubs: Funds generated by booster clubs will continue to support the athletic programs within their respective school district.

Post-Season Awards: Current district awards banquets and ceremonies will continue as they have in the past.

Fields Use for Games: Every effort will be made to use all fields evenly for games. Final recommendation for field use shall be made by the Steering Committee to the Superintendents.

Fields Use for Practices: The Steering Committee shall set the schedule for use of practice fields.

Physical/Health Forms/Parental Permission to Participate: Each district shall be responsible for enrolling its own students in the joint football program.

Incident Reports: For required paperwork, concussion protocols, and accident reports, coaches will work with the health offices and athletic directors of the subject student’s district.

Insurance: Each district is responsible to provide insurance to cover its student athletes, as well as naming the other district as an additional insured under its own liability policies.

Mascot, Team Name, Colors, Uniforms: The Steering Committee shall poll the student body of each district concerning mascot, team name, colors and uniforms. The Committee will compile and evaluate the poll results. Thereafter, the Committee shall make a recommendation to both Boards of Education. The Boards shall accept the recommendation or return it to the committee for modification.

Homecoming: There will be one homecoming game per year, alternating venue annually. Additional details and planning will be determined by the Steering Committee.

Sharing of Costs and Revenues: The parties to this agreement shall share joint football program costs and revenues between them based on the student enrollment in each district. As of the date of this agreement, the cost and revenues shall be shared sixty per cent to Watkins Glen and forty percent to Odessa.

Written Agreement: The term of this agreement is five years as permitted by General Municipal Law Section 119-o thus ending June 30, 2020. Each party shall review this agreement at least annually. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time on 30 days written notice to all parties, except the parties agree that in order to cover the costs and expenditures associated with the establishment of this joint football program, neither school district will withdraw in the first two years of the agreement.

Executory Clause: Notwithstanding any other promise or agreement set out above, this contract shall be deemed executory only to the extent of monies appropriated and available for the purpose of the contract, and no liability on account thereof shall be incurred by the political subdivision beyond the amount of such monies.

The final will include signature lines for each Board President and a clerk’s certification.




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