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I didn't count on derogatory rumors and innuendo about my character, experience

The following was a mailing from the Steven Getman for County Court Judge campaign, a copy of which was directed to the editor's address.

To the Editor on October 28:

As someone who's not a politician and has never run for public office, I knew that running in this year's election for Schuyler County Court Judge would be an exciting new experience.

I was thrilled to be the only candidate to earn the nomination of the Schuyler County Republican Party after they interviewed all four candidates and reviewed each of our qualifications.

However, one thing I didn't count on -- especially not in a close knit, caring community like our own Schuyler County -- was that I'd experience derogatory rumors and innuendo about my character and experience.

It's come to my attention that some people have been circulating rumors about court cases that were filed when I worked in Seneca County more than a decade ago.

I'm writing you to set the record straight.

In this day and age, we all know that anyone can attempt to sue anyone for anything, regardless of the facts. What matters is how the cases are resolved.

More than a decade ago, a lawsuit was filed against multiple present and former Seneca County employees. The lawsuit was ultimately resolved with no admission of liability and, within the case, a Federal Judge noted any alleged grand jury reports "would be a nullity and would not be relevant evidence."

Anyone who tries to twist around the facts of this matter for personal gain or partisan politics should be ashamed of themselves.

I'm proud of the extensive legal work I did during my tenure in Seneca County, and am proud to have a glowing letter of recommendation from both the current and then-current Chairmen of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors, as well as several retired law enforcement officers, vouching for my expertise and character.

I'm sorely disappointed that the type of gutter politics we see in Washington and Albany has reared its ugly head in Schuyler County. The voters deserve better, and I'm confident that you and every other voter is smart enough to see through those who peddle rumors and innuendo.

I'm running a positive campaign and hope that my opponents will do the same going forward rather than resorting to behavior that is beneath what we expect from a judge.

This race should be about qualifications, experience and philosophy.

An attorney snce 1992, I have practiced in all of the courts over which County Judge presides: County Criminal, Civil, Family and Surrogate's. As Schuyler County Attorney, I am the civil legal advisor for all county officials, including the Legislature, County Administrator, Sheriff and County Clerk. My office prosecutes Family Court civil cases of child abuse and neglect, child support enforcement, juvenile delinquency and other serious matters.

In addition, prior to joining the Schuyler County Attorney's office, I had extensive criminal court experience, defending and/or prosecuting offenses ranging from felonies to violations of local ordinances.

In addition to my extensive legal experience, I've proudly taught Constitutional Law as an Adjunct Professor at Keuka College, helping to shape our future leaders and law enforcement officials of the next generation.

I care deeply about our Schuyler County community and proudly am a member of the Watkins Glen-Montour Falls Lions Club, Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce, Millport Hunting and Fishing Club and Community Conservation Club.

My unique combination of experience separates me from the other candidates who are vying for this position. I hope that these qualifications will earn your vote in this critical election.

The truth matters -- and I believe that, once you filter out personal attacks and look at the facts -- the truth is that I'm the best candidate to serve as our next Schuyler County Court Judge.

I hope I can count on your support. You'll find my name on the Republican and Libertarian ballot lines.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steven J. Getman
Candidate for Schuyler County Court Judge




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