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Watkins Glen graduate Makenna Fraboni is presented a $5,000 Freeman Family Foundation Teaching Award by High School principal Kai D'Alleva.

Watkins Glen High School
bids farewell to Class of 2018

WATKINS GLEN, June 23, 2018 -- The Watkins Glen High School Class of 2018 received diplomas Saturday afternoon at the school's 136th annual commencement exercise, held in the school auditorium.

The class size of 89 was up 11 from last year's 78.

More than $40,000 in locally generated awards and scholarships were presented to graduates. Most of those awards appear below.

The Valedictory Address was delivered by Clara Chedzoy, who discusssed the need for and characteristics of "grittiness" -- a concept made famous by University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth. "Being gritty," said Chedzoy "is to fall down seven times, and rise eight. ... I hope you show your grittiness throughout your life."

The Salutatory Address was delivered by Trevor Thurston, who told the graduates that fear should not hold them back in their future endeavors -- that they should face those fears "head-on." He noted that the Class of 2018 started its educational journey 4,673 days earlier, and had been in school for 2,330 days, finally reaching "the end of a chapter."

Meghan Hayes presented the Senior Oration, relating some of the history of her class and concluding: "I cannot ask for a better class to be a part of."

Diplomas were presented by School Board President Gloria Brubaker after Superintendent Greg Kelahan, in his first commencement since joining the district last summer, officially declared that the graduates had met the criteria required.

A list of the Class of 2018 graduates follows the cutlines:

Photos in text:

Top: Clara Chedzoy delivers the Valedictory Address.
Second: Amber Benjamin receives her diploma from School Board President Gloria Brubaker.

The Class of 2018

Elise Allington
Amanda Armstrong
Rees Avery
Kristopher Ayers
Patrick Bannon
Jarrod Beardsley
Makenzi Bellows
Amber Benjamin
Arnaz Bharucha
Brandon Blim
Kali Bond
Emilia Bond
Garrett Bower
Dylan Bradley
Steven Bradley
Calvin Buckley
Liza Carnes
Ashley Caslin
Alexis Castellaneta
Maria Clara Chedzoy - Valedictorian
Rebecca Chiacchiarini
Kari Coates
Brandy Cornish
Kendra Cornish
Tyler Couch
Dalton Cummings
Gabriella Decker
Michael Doane
DanielĀ  Dunham
Chase Edwards
Hanley Elliott
Ray Forker
Makenna Fraboni
Ethan Franklin
Jacob Grey
Corey Hancharik
Meghan Hayes
Megan Hazlitt
Torie Hill
Sean Holland
Hannah Hornby
JazsmineĀ  Hudson
Dayne Hughey
Jakob Johnson
Katlyn Kernan
Elizabeth Kilcoyne
Ryanna LaMoreaux
Kendra Larson
Joseph LaTorre
Kevin LeRoux Jr
Cody MacDonald
Shianna Mattison
Hannah Matusicky
Sara McManus
Thomas Nelson IV
Daniel Paradiso
Aaron Planty
Nicole Price
Jared Prien
Johnathan Reed
Julia Reilly
Paige Robbins
Tanner Ryan
Hannah St. Julien
Jared Sandritter
Isobel Scheffey
Alex Schimizzi
Jonathan Seaman
Alexis Shea
Jazmin Shea
Conner Smith
Kayla Smith
Emily Sonner
Alan Specchio Jr
Kiersten Stiles
Kathleen Swinnerton
Seth Swinnerton
Reese Tague
Julian Thornton
Trevor Thurston - Salutatorian
Joshua Updyke
Kaitlyn Valla
Gavin VanDerEems
Yessenia Vargas
Ethan Voorheis
Simon Wigmore
Phillip Wise
Conlin Wysocki
Tristan Yuhasz

Photos above right: From top: Graduates Katlyn Kernan, Ryanna LaMoreaux, Tanner Ryan and Julian Thornton

WGHS graduates Arnaz Bharucha (an exchange student from India), left, and Kiersten Stiles flank Odessa-Montour graduate Beatriz Silva (an exchange student from Brazil). Stiles will take part in the Rotary Exchange program this coming year in Chile.


Awards presented at ceremony

The awards presented at Saturday's graduation ceremony included the following.

Amber Brockway Award
$500.00 given to Seniors who are compassionate, loving, kind and charitable. The recipients must be going to a two- or four-year college. This year's recipients are:
Amber Benjamin and Kayla Smith

Watkins Glen High School Alumni Association Scholarship
Presented at the Alumni Banquet, The Watkins Glen High School Alumni Assoc. will award scholarships in the total amount on $6,000.00, to be divided among these graduating seniors:
Tristan Yuhasz, Kaitlyn Valla, Amber Benjamin, Meghan Hayes and Simon Wigmore

Italian American Festival Frank Chiacchiarini Humanitarian Award
700.00 presented to a senior who honors community service and who is active in athletics:
Kathleen Swinnerton

Watkins-Montour Lions Club-John Cook-"Bud" Warner Achievement Scholarship
$1,000.00 and a plaque given to a Senior after successful completion of the 1st semester of college for service, leadership and academic endeavors
Clara Chedzoy

Peter A. Pevo Memorial Education Award
$300.00 and a plaque given to a Senior pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education
Paige Robbins

PTO Academic Improvement Award
$500.00 given to a Senior who has shown significant academic improvement in his or her high school career.
Corey Hancharik

PTO Community Service Scholarship
$500.00 awarded to a Senior who demonstrates a commitment to community service
Trevor Thurston

Ray Bailey Memorial Award
$100.00 and a plaque given to a Senior who will share his/her appreciation of music by continued participation in a community music group; this student may also be minoring in Music in college
Conlin Wysocki

Watkins Glen Faculty Association Education Scholarship
$1,000 given to one senior after completion of the first semester of college based on citizenship, dependability, academic achievement and entering the education field.
Makenna Fraboni

Watkins Glen Faculty Association Member's Child Scholarship
$1,000 given to one senior after completion of the first semester of college based on citizenship, dependability, academic achievement and entering the education field.
Clara Chedzoy

Schuyler Hospital Auxiliary Award
$1,000.00 to be awarded at the completion of one semester of college to a senior who is pursuing a career in the Health Care field
Kayla Smith

CVSA Award
$250.00 awarded to five graduating seniors by the CVSA Soccer League.
Alex Schimizzi, Simon Wigmore, Clara Chedzoy, Meghan Hayes and Makenna Fraboni

Live Like Liz Scholarship (Elizabeth Amisano Ovarian Cancer Education Fund)
$1,500.00 awarded to two Seniors who possess the same qualities as Elizabeth: good academic record, continual evidence of good citizenship, commitment to further education, demonstrates belief in the good of all people, and most importantly, has a great sense of humor
Kayla Smith, Clara Chedzoy

Erik Houseknecht Memorial Award
$100.00 awarded to a student who has improved the most throughout his four years of high school, reaching higher academic achievement and greater personal goals by believing in himself and helping other students
Jackson Dunham

Northrup Foundation Award
$1,000.00 and a plaque given to a Senior for outstanding scholastic achievement awarded after the 1st semester of college.
Clara Chedzoy

Melissa B. Wilson Sportsmanship Award
$1300 and a plaque given to a girl in the senior class with an academic average over 80% who participates in athletics and school activities with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship
Kendra Larson

Freeman Family Foundation Teaching Award
(In memory of Larry and Ruth Freeman)
$5,000.00 awarded to a graduating Senior who is going on to a college curriculum in teaching
Makenna Fraboni

Watkins Glen Lions Club - John Cook - Milford "Bud" Warner Improved Student Scholarship
$1,000.00 and a plaque given to a senior after successful completion of the first semester of college, for academic improvement of the four years.
Michael Doane

Watkins-Montour Rotary Club Achievement Scholarship
$1,000.00 given to Senior after the 1st semester of college based on academic ability, activities, improvement and goals
Kaitlyn Valla

Zonta/Belle Cornell Club Award
$250.00 given to a senior girl entering the field of medical and health-related studies at a college
Hanley Elliott

Devon Shaw "Defense For Devon" Memorial Award
$1,007.00 given to a senior who has displayed a desire to live a purposeful, fulfilling life that demonstrates the life lessons Devon bestowed upon us. This senior exemplifies good character and citizenship, keeping a sense of humor along the way, also displaying the importance of family, friends, and community in his daily living, being involved in groups that may include but are not limited to:sports, music, church, scouts, etc.
Kayla Smith

NYS Education Department Scholarship for Academic Excellence
$500.00 per year given to four seniors, awarding academic excellence.
Clara Chedzoy, Gabi Decker, Tanner Ryan and Meghan Hayes

Frank Anthony DeSarno IV Memorial Scholarhip
$1,000 given to a Senior who has a passion for the automotive trade. This scholarship is given in memory of Frank Anthony DeSarno, a Watkins Glen High School graduate.
Ethan Franklin

Dart League Award
$200 given to a senior who has high academic achievement in Math.
Clara Chedzoy

Investigator Sergeant Louis A. Van Cleef II Memorial Award in the amount of $500: Michael Doane

Hector Presbyterian Church Award: Jackson Dunham and Kathleen Swinnerton

Ladies Wednesday Afternoon Club Award in the amount of $150: Amanda Armstrong

NYS Correction Officers & Police Benevolence Association Award in the amount of $600: Makenna Fraboni

Zonta Club Business/Health Award: Ryanna LaMoreaux

Lake Country Players Performing Arts Award ($100): Conlin Wysocki

Josh Palmer Fund Scholarship (($1,000): Kathleen Swinnerton

Spirit of Schuyler Scholarship ($500): Simon Wigmore and Kathleen Swinnerton

Southern Finger Lakes Women Scholarship ($500): Kathleen Swinnerton


Photos in text:

From the top: Graduates Emmie Bond, Kathleen Swinnerton, Hannah Matusicky, Isobel Scheffey, Jared Prien, Kayla Smith, Jackson Dunham, Jazmin Shea and Hannah St. Julien.

Left: Graduate Gabi Decker. Right: Graduate Alexis Shea sings the National Anthem.

And a few more photos:

From left: Graduates Michael Doane, Salutatorian Trevor Thurston, and Meghan Hayes.

Left: Superintendent Greg Kelahan motions toward the Class of 2018. Right: Graduate Hanley Elliott after receiving an award.

Left: Alex Schimizzi receives his diploma from his mother, School Board member Barb Schimizzi. Right: Graduate Josh Updyke prepares for the ceremony.

Left: A number of graduation caps carried messages. Right: Graduating next year: Odessa File Female Athletes of the Year Hannah Morse (WG, left) and Kennedey Heichel (OM, who was on hand to watch her boyfriend, Josh Updyke, graduate).

From left: WGHS graduates Kathleen Swinnerton, Isobel Scheffey, Megan Hazlitt and Sean Holland.

Left: Graduate Julia Reilly. Right: Lexi Castellaneta receives her diploma from School Board President Gloria Brubaker.

Graduate Daniel Paradiso is greeted by School Board member Mark Franzese, who presented Paradiso with his diploma.


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