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A group of students arrives at the Watkins Glen International Media Center.

O-M holds its prom at WGI

WATKINS GLEN, April 26, 2019 -- Odessa-Montour held its annual prom Friday night at the Watkins Glen International Media Center.

The theme was "Golden Splendor."

In keeping with the occasion, everybody -- boys, girls and chaperones -- dressed up, and everybody looked both colorful and pleased with the setting, the DJ music and the camaraderie.

And in keeping with the theme, organizers located a white, gold-trimmed car that once was used on the "Dallas" TV series, back in the year when a primary character, Bobby Ewing, was supposedly dead. The car disappeared when Bobby suddenly popped up alive the following season, with the whole year of his absence being explained away as a fevered dream.

The vehicle, one of three in the series (but the only operational one) belongs to Cory McCracken of Horseheads, who inherited it from his father, who somehow had obtained it years before. It is built on a Cadillac Coupe de Ville chassis, and has a 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine. It is insured, McCracken said, for $100,000.

He brought it to the prom site on a trailer behind a pickup truck, and it served as a backdrop for a number of posed shots by couples on their way into the Media Center. Despite a chilling wind, many took the time for the shot.

There was dinner beforehand for many of the attendees, and then the Media Center, with its music, the dancing that came with it, and various finger foods, including cupcakes.

Photos in text: Posing for photos at prom is always a popular pastime.

Here is the Prom Court, announced at 11 p.m. following voting:

Junior Class:

King: Paden Grover
Queen: Hannah Chapman
Prince: Justin Andrews
Princess: Kara Reese
Duke: Derrick Lewis
Duchess: Shania Austin

Senior Class:

King: Dylan Houseknecht (pictured at right)
Queen: Olivia Grover
Prince: William Yeater
Princess: Nadia Simpson
Duke: Johnny Niedermaier
Duchess: Hannah Rosier


Other photos:

Left: The Senior Class Queen and King, Olivia Grover and Dylan Houseknecht.
The Junior Class Queen and King, Hannah Chapman and Paden Grover. (Both photos by Nikole Grover)

The "Dallas" car parked in front of the Media Center. Posing: photographer Alyssa McCray.


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