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Seneca Harbor Station is using its supply chain to form grocery distribution center

To the Editor on March 30:

Seneca Harbor Station and Captain Bill's is converting its resources into a grocery distribution center focusing on meats, bread, canned goods, pasta, and paper products such as toilet paper. We will use our restaurant supply chain to purchase these products for resale to the public.

A secondary benefit to having available products is our offering of curbside pick-up of your grocery orders at our Watkins Glen location so that people will not have to enter shopping centers.

We do not have the buying power of big box stores but we are offering most products at 10% above big box store prices. We will start slow with staple items that are scarce in local grocery stores and we will add items as we can. If we cannot secure an item for your order you will not be charged, and will be notified ahead of pick-up.

You may order from our online form 24/7 for curbside pick-up on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Ordering cut-off for Tuesday pick-up is Sunday at noon. Ordering cut-off for Saturday pick-up is Thursday at noon.

We will call you to confirm your order and accept a credit card deposit (you may pay cash at time of pick-up).

We are located at 3 North Franklin St., Watkins Glen, NY 14891, next to Captain Bill’s new construction. We ask that you please call one half hour (30 minutes) prior to pick up, and that you call again upon arrival. We will bring your order out to your car.

We will serve you as long as we are able to secure quality products. We will be adding pasta, canned goods, wine, beer and spirits to our next ordering opportunity on Monday, March 23rd. We will also develop a local delivery system in the near future. Please be patient with us as there will be a learning curve as we work through the logistics of fulfilling orders.

Our hope is that this service will make scarce products more available to our community and ease shopping anxiety. Our hearts go out to everyone in this trying time and we wish you and your families good health and safety. We look forward to the day when you can enter our establishments and once again dine with family and friends.

Thank you.

Will Simiele

Note: For more information, contact the Seneca Harbor Station website here.




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