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Academic, athletic honors bestowed at WGHS Awards ceremony: June 13, 2024

Many awards from the academic, fine arts and physical education departments were distributed at an assembly in the Watkins Glen High School auditorium.

--Undeniable Excellence: Brandon Chiacchiarini
--Outstanding Improvement: Grace Underdown
--Undoubtable Determination: Nicholas Brusso
--Algebra I Regents Award: Brett Cullen-Pike, Aimeerose Cruz, Andre Wixson, Cecilia Gaines
--Geometry Regents Award: Carson Thaete, Anna Franzese, Emily Melveney, Samuel Hohle
--Algebra II Regents Award: Draco Del Toro, Kyelan Perko
--Ruth Warner Award: Axel Alger, Soleil Tappan

--Undeniable Excellence: Brandon Chiacchiarini
--Outstanding Improvement: Lillian Ameigh
--Undoubtable Determination: Michael Hanville
--AP English Language Award: Malina Butler, Brandon Chiacchiarini, Vey Cowan, Alyson Gibson, Thalia Marquez, Maisie Robertson, Adah Wilke
--English Regents Award: Vey Cowan, Maisie Robertson, Lukas Bower, Sarah Jones, Malina Butler, Alyson Gibson, Adah Wilke, Brandon Chiacchiarini, Thomas Field, Keira Sulkey, Giuseppe La Face, Alannah Klemann, Thalia Marquez, Alessandro Carubia, Johnny VanScoyk, Brandon Hollenback, Thomas Snow
--Kate LaMoreaux "Lover of Literature" Award: Lukas Bower
--Poetic Prodigy Award: Julianna McKee

--Undeniable Excellence: Brandon Chiacchiarini, Alyson Gibson
--Outstanding Improvement: Wendy Coleman, Brady Bockelkamp
--Undoubtable Determination: Aurora Scott, Andrew Champion
--Chemistry Regents Award: Draco Del Toro, Naja Radoja
--Physics Regents Award: Alyson Gibson
--Gerald Loughlin Biology Regents Award: Wendy Coleman, Brett Cullen-Pike, Anna Franzese, Carson Thaete, Cordelia Thompson, Ryan Dean, Emily Melveney, Aurora Scott, Samuel Hohle, Isaac Hendrickson, Erin Snow, Gillian D'Alleva, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Enric Lin, Elizabeth Fitzwater, Cayden Spulak, Jade Spulak, Michaela Wheaton, Grace Weed, Aidan Kelly, Ava Kelly, Jude Santos, Kristofer Burke, Benjamin Chedzoy, Logan DeBolt, Julianna McKee, Aidan Maphis
--Earth Science Regents Award: Olivia King, Jordan Conway, Jack Hayden, Lilac Cruz, Andre Wixson, Cecilia Gaines, Marcus Delong, Vladimir Smith, Desiree Groves, Luka VanScoyk, Kaylee Yaw
--Innovation in Science: Ben Chedzoy

--Undeniable Excellence: Sam Hohle
--Outstanding Improvement: Lillian Ameigh
--Undoubtable Determination: Grace Underdown
--Bahns-Dugo Global History Regents Award: Naja Radoja
--Global History Regents Award: Adah Wilke, Draco Del Toro, Salvatore Purpura, Sam Caslin, Kendra Fish, Nicholas D'Alleva, Abigayl White, Aleice Guild
--Dugo-Bahns US History Regents Award: Lukas Bower
--US History Regents Award: Maisie Robertson, Brandon Chiacchiarini, Adah Wilke, Alyson Gibson, Vey Cowan, Keira Sulkey, Thomas Field, Alessandro Carubia, Malina Butler, Johnny VanScoyk, Thomas Snow, Louden Karius
--Marie Fitzsimmons Humanitarian Award: Maisie Robertson

--Undeniable Excellence: Sam Hohle
--Outstanding Improvement: Kyren Young
--Undoubtable Determination: Cecilia Gaines
--New York State Seal of Biliteracy: Brandon Chiacchiarini, Maisie Robertson

--Undeniable Excellence: Nicholas Brusso
--Outstanding Improvement: Justin McClain, Sebastian Buck
--Undoubtable Determination: Alyson Gibson
--NYSSMA: Lilian Artusa, Nicholas Brusso, Aurora Scott, Norah Stegner

--Arnot Art Museum Award: Honorable Mention, Fashion: Kay Davis; 3 Honorable Mentions, Painting: Madigan Kelley; Silver Key, Painting: Madigan Kelley; Honorable Mention, Painting and Mixed Media: Alannah Klemann; Honorable Mention, Painting: Naja Radoja; Silver Key, Editorial Cartoon: Naja Radoja; Honorable Mention, Mixed Media: Abigayle White
--Judicial District Art Contest Winners: 1st Place - Naja Radoja; 2nd Place - Abigayle White; 3rd Place - Wendy Coleman

Physical Education
--Undeniable Excellence: Sydney Brubaker, Lukas Bower
--Outstanding Improvement: Philip Cummings
--Undoubtable Determination: Sarah Jones, Louden Karius
--Quiet Strength Award: Alyson Gibson, Michael Hanville
--Fitness Warrior Award: Jayla Aponte-Boine, Thomas Field
--Craig Cheplick Football Award: Ryan Willett
--James Angelo Basketball: Ryan Willett
--TJ O'Rourke Award: Kyren Young
--Coach Joseph J. Lemak, Sr. Award: Alex Holmes, Lillian Ameigh
--Dr. Arthur J. Jackson Award: Brenna Pierce and Thomas Field
--Track and Field: Johnny VanScoyk, Zade Gomez-Fitzsimmons
--Athletic Service Award: Logan DeBolt
--Francis W. Blake Sportsmanship Awards: Alyson Gibson, Brandon Chiacchiarini
--Mike Watson Wrestling Award: Kaiden Karius
--Kate LaMoreaux Award: Malina Butler

Weightroom Award: Isaac Hendrickson, Ayden Stevens, Andrew Champion, Jude Santos, Declan Barry, Christopher Simiele, Levi Murphy, Lucas Hoffman, Dana Guild, Chase Scott, Josh Powers, Steven Rook, Quacey Wilt, Balan Ault, Cole Arthurs, Aiden Nichols, Chris O'Dell, Raymond Fitzgerald III, Brandon Hollenback, Jaymes Forker, Thomas Field, Alex Holmes, Sasha Honrath, Vey Cowan, Alannah Klemann, Julia Spahalski, Kyra Yaw, Natalee Oliver, Brianna Hatch, Gillian D'Alleva, Mackenzie Glover, Grace Roney, Grace Underdown, Caelyn Baker, Grace Weed, Arloween Loucks-Scuteri, Natalie VanSkiver, Trinity Depree

Section IV Character Counts Award: Olivia VanSkiver, Quacey Wilt

IAC Character Counts Award Winners: Thomas Field, Brenna Pierce

ESPN Male and Female Athletes of the Week 2023-24: Alex Holmes, Maddie Tuttle, Brenna Pierce, Liam Smith, Alannah Klemann, Ava Kelly, Dana Guild

ESPN Night of Champions 2023-24: Scholar/Athlete and Coach of the Year: Thalia Marques-Swimming, Skye Honrath-Soccer, Johnny VanScoyk-Leadership, Nick D'Alleva-Lacrosse, Scott Morse-Girls Soccer Coach of the Year, Jason Westervelt-Girls Swimming & Diving Coach of the Year and Boys Swimming & Diving Coach of the Year

--The Path to Greatness -- Integrity: Anthony Holland, Stryder Pickett - Shreve
--You'll Reach the Stars -- Perseverance: Nick Bonsignore, Michael Purpura, Tec Chokngoen
--Unstoppable Spirit Award: Vey Cowan, Maisie Robertson
--Master Tech Award: Gabriel Majors
--Top Fab Award: Thomas Snow, Colin McKenzie, Nicholas D'Alleva
--Set Up for Success: Brandon Chiacchiarini
--Presidential Promise Award: Sam Caslin, Avah Wright
--Limitless Potential Award: Emma Jones
--FOWL Library Service Award: Maisie Robertson

2023-24 NHS inductees: Molly O'Connell-Campbell, Salvatore Purpura, Skye Honrath, Olivia VanSkiver, Liam Smith, Kendra Fish, Samuel Caslin

Rotary Student of the Month: October - Maisie Robertson; November - Thomas Field; December - Jaymes Forker; January - Drake Croft; February - Vey Cowan; March - Alyson Gibson; April - Brandon Chiacchiarini; May - Johnny VanScoyk.

University of Rochester Award, $20,000 over 4 years:
--Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Skye Honrath
--Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Salvatore Purpura
--George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Sam Caslin
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Draco Del Toro
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Award, $19,000 per year:
--Computing Award: Draco Del Toro
--Women in STEM: Kendra Fish
--Humanities and Social Sciences: Molly O'Connell-Campbell
--Business and Leadership: Salvatore Purpura
--Science and Math: Jocelyn Sisana
Other Awards:
--Elmira College Key Award, minimum of $22,000 per year: Skye Honrath, Aleice Guild
--The Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University and The Ceramic Association of New York (CANY Award) $2,500 per year: Nick Ritter
--Boys State: Sam Caslin, Ben Chedzoy
--Keuka College George H. Ball Community Achievement Award, minimum of $22,000 per year: Nick Brusso, Kyelan Perko
--2024 Student Sage Award at Russell Sage College: Naja Radoja


Student Council Officers:
President - Julia Spahalski
VP - Nicholas D'Alleva
Secretary - Salvatore Purpura
Treasurer - Nicholas Ritter

Class of 2025:
President - Samuel Caslin
VP - Liam Smith
Secretary - Molly O'Connell-Campbell
Treasurer - Kendra Fish

Class of 2026:
President - Anna Franzese
VP - Marcus Delong
Secretary - Zade Gomez-Fitzsimmons
Treasurer - Gillian D'Alleva

Class of 2027:
President - Natalie VanSkiver
VP - Isabella Yaw
Secretary - Elizabeth Fitzwater
Treasurer - Grace Weed

Class of 2028:
President - Isaac Rumsey
VP - Brixton Fuller-Bianco
Secretary - Sydney Howell
Treasurer - Leon Lagramada

National Honor Society:
President - Samuel Caslin
VP - Salvatore Purpura
Secretary - Olivia VanSkiver
Treasurer - Liam Smith

Junior Honor Society:
President - Ellery Thaete
VP - Sydney Howell
Secretary - Xanthe Tappan
Treasurer - Chloe Green

Photos in text:

Top: Students Sarah Jones (at microphone) and Anna Franzese (background) were instrumental in organizing the awards assembly.
Second: Lillian Ameigh receives award from teacher Tammy Kellogg.
Third and Fourth: Students Alyson Gibson and Brandon Chiacchiarini.
Fifth: Ryan Willett receives award from Athletic Director Rod Weeden.
Sixth: Maisie Robertson receives award from teacher Kelsey Wood.
Seventh and Eighth: Students Zade Gomez-Fitzsimmons and Olivia VanSkiver.



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